Dear friends and customers. I am closing my takeaway with immediate effect and it's time to tell you all what's happening


The first thing to say is that we are NOT folding. Trusty Buck's will continue trading 7 days a week at our residency in Nice N Sleazy. This will be our main focus for now


As many of you will remember, we converted our food truck into a driveway delivery service last year. We then moved into our premises and things built up from there. By April it was going really well and we were putting out a high volume of orders each night


When the lockdown ended in May however, we found ourselves in a sector which took a real downturn. The reopening of bars and restaurants followed by the return of live music and events caused a collapse of more than 50% in demand for the home delivery service. This trading situation has now become unsustainable 


While the drop in demand was foreseeable, sadly we were not in a position to pivot into something completely different when it happened 


After securing the kitchen residency at Nice N Sleazy, closing the takeaway was always in the back of my mind as a last resort if things got bad. It has now become the reality that my gut feeling told me it would. The good news is that we will be keeping the Dalmarnock site so will be able to reboot when the time is right


I know so many of you are going to be really disappointed by this. What I need everyone to understand is that, if I pursue the development of Trusty Buck's in its current form, by the end of this year we will have ceased trading completely. We cannot let that happen


So I need to take decisive action right away. We need to scale back and build it up again. If we focus on making a success of Nice N Sleazy, then with your support this will ultimately lead to greater things 


Everyone asks me why I don't just open a sit in place right now... But it's not as simple as that. It is extremely difficult for a business in our position to access that kind of capital. We're talking about tens and tens of thousands to open a new site and if we had that option available to us, believe me I would already be doing it


For myself to be honest I have often literally laughed out loud at how much of a hard road it has been the last two years. Every other small business owner will doubtless feel the same... 

But never a shred of negativity or self pity. I'm incredibly lucky to have got this far and what we have all built together is a truly amazing thing that will certainly continue for many years to come


So that's it. Got it all off my chest. Thank you to my incredible disbanded team. Kieran, Allan, Charlie, Jojo, Sherry, Stu, Steph,  Debs, Daniel, Chris, Vicky, James 


And thank you every single one of you who's helped us along the way...

Charlotte L, Declan B, Tim P, Tommy B, Lewis G, Nicola S, Joe W, Tom & Rachel N, Claire W, Nathalie McG, Louisa W, Mellisa R, Anna G, Roxanne O, Christina A, Paul L, Steven G, David L, Jane V, Jennifer R, Selena K, Oliver B, Claire C, Christopher B, Derek W, Bernardo C, Anna E, Kierstan P, Gillian F, Greg M, Nathalie F, Gilly S, Lee McS, Helen G, Craig F, Callie G, Dionne C, Karris A, Amy M, Frenchie W, Duncan B, Megan W, Veeti L, Alanis H, Lesley C, Georgia W, Scott & Karris and all the others fae VGK


The list the list goes into the thousands


Now I'm off to write tunes and build cabinets for a week or two. A wee break from work will be the first since 2019. See you all on the other side 


So much love


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