28th July 2020

Message from Hugh

Good things come in Good packaging

Recently, I posted an offhand comment on social media about packaging, about our view that sustainable packaging really is the only way to go. There’s no real reason why a burrito has to be wrapped in foil, for example, and we’ve committed to sustainable packaging for all our products.

Visiting the cash n carry I’m always struck by other takeaway providers stocking up on huge boxes of disposable plastic tubs and polystyrene burger boxes. It’s not even just the environmental damage arising from these products, which is considerable, the whole approach is so… old-fashioned.

People have never been more interested and invested in healthy eating and sustainable choices, but why shouldn’t this also extend to how takeaways are packaged?

There is a cost difference, but what we spend on sustainable packaging we make back in many other positive ways. We don’t use foil or plastic in our packaging, and nothing derived from animals either.

Our packaging is either biodegradable or commercially compostable and recyclable, all you need to do is make sure that any food waste is cleaned off.

I’m pleased to say that the response from our customers to the way we package our food is very positive. We believe this is the future, and we’re glad so many of you agree.


1st July 2020



Five NHS Workers have been selected  for a free Trusty Buck's feast worth £30, to mark the 72nd Birthday of the National Health Service on 5th July 2020.

The successful nominees, who were proposed by friends, family, neighbours and colleagues, are:

  • Jennifer Rodger

  • Jennifer Paterson

  • David Grinter

  • Dr Elizabeth McCully

  • Bethany Storrie

Hugh Kearns, founder and owner of Trusty Buck's said: "We have been astonished by the response to this event. The incredible stories of commitment, sacrifice and hard work from frontline and support staff across the NHS made it incredibly difficult to settle on just five successful nominees.

"We're humbled in our own small way to recognise the work that they and their colleagues do to keep us safe, not only during a crisis like the Covid-19 outbreak, but at all times.

"We hope they enjoy their meal, and we want to congratulate them once again on securing one of the birthday slots amidst such an impressive field of nominations. Stay safe everyone, and here's to better days once this virus has abated. We hope to see you all soon."

With a high number of quality entries, Trusty Buck's has taken the decision to issue a small number of £10 vouchers to nominees who just missed out on one of the top slots.


22nd June 2020



To celebrate the 72nd Birthday of the National Health Service, we are asking you to nominate friends, family or neighbours who work within our NHS to have a free feast, on us.


The meal will be delivered free of charge. The nominated NHS heroes will be able to choose from the full Trusty Buck’s plant-based menu, including burgers, burritos, hot dogs and curries up to a value of £30, each.


Five free NHS hero slots are available on Sunday 5th July, between 5pm and 10pm.

Successful nominees will be chosen at random on Tuesday 30th June.


Terms and Conditions apply. (see below)


Nominations can be made here:

Terms and Conditions




Nominations can only be accepted between 8am on Monday 22nd June 2020 and 6pm on Monday 29th June 2020.


Nominations can only be accepted via this online form:




Current Full or Part-Time NHS employees are eligible for this free feast. Only one free slot is available per nominee and cannot be from the same household.


For each slot, any items on the Trusty Buck's menu can be ordered up to a value of £30.


Successful nominees will be notified on Tuesday 30th June and should place their free order prior to 2pm on Saturday 4th June 2020.


Orders will only be fulfilled on Sunday 5th July 2020 - the 72nd birthday of the NHS - between 5pm and 10pm. Orders will not be fulfilled before or after this time.




Food deliveries can ONLY be made to nominees living within the current Trusty Buck's delivery zones. These can be viewed here


West End Wednesday customers will not be eligible.


Collection in person from our Pollockshields kitchen is an option for all entries. Unfortunately, any entries outwith our normal delivery zones will be rejected.


Please Note: Trusty Buck's is a vegan-friendly plant-based food service, and no food or drink outwith our menu is available. Any queries should be directed to

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