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Further to our post below, we have been experiencing some difficulties in getting listed on the 3rd party platforms. Uber Eats want the council to first supply the Food Standards certificate, and unfortunately for us the council are not doing inspections due to COVID. We have been unable to get any flexibility on this from either Uber or the council, meaning it could be months before getting our orders onto the Uber courier network.


However, there is good news! Deliveroo have stepped in and are in the process of signing us up at the new address. We hope to have this up and running as of the first week in February.


Thanks for bearing with us everyone!


01/01/21 Changes to our delivery service


As most of our customers will be aware we have now moved into our new premises in Dalmarnock. 


The first couple of weeks before Christmas gave us a chance to test out how the operation would run and we certainly learned a lot in that time!


The challenge we have been facing has been how to keep serving the existing delivery area, particularly the places which are now relatively far from our new address. We found that in order to keep wait times manageable, we were needing 7 or 8 couriers on the road at once. 


Since this number of couriers is very difficult to sustain at such an early juncture, we have decided to start using the couriers provided by Uber Eats to reach further away areas. 


This shouldn’t mean much of a change except some customers will need to order on the Uber app/ site. Despite Uber's 30% commission fee we find this a better alternative than to be closing off areas that are difficult to cover from a business point of view.


HOWEVER… Unfortunately we are experiencing some delays getting onto the Uber platform at our new address


This means that we will be temporarily unavailable for delivery to these areas. I would like to assure you that we are doing everything we can and I have been told to expect it to be sorted in the very near future


In the meantime, we are offering a 10% discount on collections by way of apology for the inconvenience.


Thanks for bearing with us everyone. Here’s to a good 2021!


Hugh & Team TB

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